Earth 2150: The Moon Project

Earth 2150: The Moon Project 2.2

A sequel to the real time strategy game Earth 2150
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Earth 2150: The Moon Project is a sequel to the real time strategy game Earth 2150. While the game is in fact a stand-alone game, many consider it an expansion pack because it does little more than provide new missions, and weapons. The story of the game takes place alongside the original one.

While the Lunar Corporation, Eurasian Dynasty and the United Civilized States battle it out to the bitter end on the home planet, a secret research project is underway on the moon.

Only the project code name is known...."Project SunLight".

To find the reasons why the Lunar Corporation has become so obsessed with this project, a huge armada of UCS spaceships blasts off for the moon.....

"The MOON Project" runs parallel to EARTH2150 -Escape from the Blue Planet-, the award-winning, best-selling realtime-strategy hit from TopWare Interactive.

The UCS and the LC go head-to-head in a completely new game environment - a brand-new story with campaigns, new units, buildings, songs and much, much more. All these elements combine to make "The MOON Project" an absolutely new and gripping experience in the EARTH universe for gamers of all ages.

But that's not all this game has in store for the player. There are lots of "Bonus Materials", an expanded map editor with innumerable new objects and textures and a tool to create your own banner and game interfaces. And if that's still not enough, then there's "EarthC" -, the script language to design individual story campaigns and edit unit values and behavior and the list goes on and on....

The Moon Project is a war strategy game. What sets it apart from other games in the genre, is the full three dimensional play. You can rotate the camera to view the battlefield from just about any angle. It also includes an experience system for your units, indicated by a green and black line under the unit's health bar. Higher levels means higher damage, health, and armor. You must mine resources in order to build units and structures, and must create power plants to keep your structures working. The game includes a 10 level campaign for each faction, and multiplayer support is provided.

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